Most Majors Required By International Students in UK



The UK has been established as the second popular study destinations worldwide. Students from Egypt, India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia and a number of other countries contribute to the international student population for study in UK. However, it is a perplexing task for the students to pick out the right engineering and management majors as an International student. Here are a few things that might help you make the right decision:

Business Studies:

It is not surprising that Business Studies is now the most preferred and best majors for international students. A fair majority of the students graduating with a business major are easily placed and settled in no time as compared to the other students. The scope of management majors as a major is surprisingly wide that it provides vast possibilities for the students. They would draw tempting salaries with time.


Courses that focus on science, technology, math, and engineering have always been in demand for international students. Engineering majors are more practical and academic subjects are preferred mostly for their high starting salary. You can even take a slight deviation, as in design engineering and project managing.


It is an underrated subject which is actually present in every decision about study in UK that we make. It can directly lead to investment, banking, and insurance. It also makes you efficient to solve problems when given data and improves your communication skills as well. This is one of the preferred routes for International students.


Law majors fit perfectly in the mold of a successful and prosperous individual, and meets all the expectations of every parent. Although it’s a tough course to study and requires some more time than the other majors like management majors or engineering majors, but it is one of the most rewarding jobs ever. This is a good choice for the International students who wish to continue their study in UK.

Universities providing these majors for international students in UK: Overview

Coventry University

A dynamic and transforming university, it started with the Coventry School of Design way back in 1843. It provides innovative teaching methods and impressive research facilities. It has taken down all the walls around higher education and has expanded itself locally, nationally as well as globally.

Bangor University

Bangor Business School is considered one of the most popular European institutions for banking and financial studies. It offers a wide variety of best majors varying from undergraduate to doctoral levels. It has attracting teaching experience and research expertise that lives up to its reputation.

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Having received a 5-star rating from the QS World Rankings in the UK, the UCLan has been at the forefront in delivering excellence for the past 190 years. One of the largest universities in UK offering courses for International students in UK, it offers management majors, law majors and applied social studies, clinical and biomedical sciences, engineering majors and science and technology as well as clinical and biomedical sciences.

University of East London (UEL)

Well known for its diversity and originality, most of the research and engineering majors conducted here is internationally recognized. They take up your success as their mission and promise a rewarding life. It gives you a great working experience as well as a generous package of scholarships.

University of Hertfordshire (UH)

With a vibrant and inclusive campus, its reputation in the global market is that of the UK’s leading business-facing university. Almost all the courses that it offers for international students in UK are accredited by professional bodies. It is also known for its commendable progression rates to employment. A good choice for the engineering major students!

University of Hull (Hull)

Constantly pushing its boundaries and ‘going beyond’, this University which is one of the best universities in UK commits itself to become the competitive, responsive and flexible community that would aid you live up to your potential. It promises you advanced knowledge, and is always on a quest for achieving a world-class teaching, research and attractive facilities.

Middlesex University (MDX)

A personalized approach to research and learning is what makes the MXU stand out among the other universities in UK. It welcomes international students in UK from across the world with warmth, and makes sure that you stay ahead in this changing world.

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

This University which is also one of the best universities in UK guarantees you a transformation through novel and entrepreneurial education and research. Promoting collective as well as individual creativity, they keep coming up with new ideas to benefit the student as well the teaching community.

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