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  • “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Without them studying abroad in a top notch university would still be a dream. They help you out with all the forms, applications and communication with the University as well as advising on visa matters. I was easily able to finish the entire admission procedure in just over 2 weeks which would have taken a lot more time if not for I would recommend to anyone who wants to study abroad ”

    Bejad Alotaibi
    • Bejad Alotaibi
    • University of Hull
  • “Never did I imagine that the entire process for studying abroad could be so easy. I stumbled across and registered immediately. They helped me at every step in my journey to study at the Coventry University. managed every single communication with the university. reduced my workload many folds and I cannot be more thankful”

    Nafea Alanazi
    • Nafea Alanazi
    • Coventry University
  • “The team at, thank you so much for your great help and advice”

    Mossab Shaea Aldosari
    • Mossab Shaea Aldosari
    • Embassy Brighton
  • “ advised me on selecting and booking the best English Language course for me. They also helped me with booking my accommodation at an English host family three weeks before my arrival to UK. To everyone at thank you so much for your help“

    Mohammed Shaya Aldosari
    • Mohammed Shaya Aldosari
    • Embassy Brighton
  • “Gratitude and thanks to every member over at for helping me figure out the entire process of studying abroad and helping me put in my applications for a number of universities. It was a very simple process to deal with as a single point of contact rather than having to deal with multiple Universities. The entire process was a breeze. Would recommend to anyone in my position”

    Saeed Alshmisy
    • Saeed Alshmisy
    • Coventry University
  • “Even without actually meeting any of the team at, I would recommend them to anyone, like me, for their excellent service they provided. Extremely helpful and professional, get me seal of approval.”

    Omar Alodan
    • Omar Alodan
    • University of Brighton - Kaplan International College
  • “After receiving my offer from University of Brighton and booking my accommodation, I can only thank for their great help and advice during the entire experience“

    Nasir Alodan
    • Nasir Alodan
    • University of Brighton - Kaplan International College
  • “Many thanks to who helped me in my pursuit of studying in a highly acclaimed foreign University. Already having heard of a lot of similar foundations and websites, I was a little skeptical about, but they did so much more than what they promised. Now, I am studying at University of Hull and took care of everything – from my University application until after starting my course. I would recommend them to anyone looking to study abroad

    Hussain Alqahtani
    • Hussain Alqahtani
    • University of Hull