UK is the students’ favorite place for those who want to have a memorable study experience at one of the UK's most prestigious universities. Learn about Britain and British universities/institutes by reading our guide to studying in Britain, you may want to continue your studies at one of these recommended universities and institutes in your country.
The USA is one of the most important destinations for students for having the best universities in the world and having the most beautiful, lively and captivating cities that will definitely be in tune with your lifestyle. Learn about US universities/institutes by reading our guide to studying in America.
Australia is one of the favorite destinations for Middle Eastern students as it has the third largest number of international students in the world after Britain and America. Its universities ranked among the top 100 educational institutions in the world. Learn more about Australian recommended universities and schools by reading the Australian guide on our blog.
Ireland is a unique and safe destination for Arab students who prefer to study abroad. The educational system in the Republic of Ireland is similar to the European system. The Republic of Ireland has a number of universities, independent colleges and institutes of technology with a high-quality educational system. Learn more about the Irish recommended universities and schools by reading Ireland’s guide on our blog.
Germany has become an ideal destination for international students. Many Arab students are studying in Germany to get a recognized degree. Educational institutions in Germany ranked high in Western Europe and the world. Germany has a high-quality educational system and modern facilities. Learn more about the German recommended universities and schools by reading German guide on our blog.
Georgia is considered one of the preferred and ideal study destinations for international students and MENA students in particular. Many Arab students choose Georgia to obtain internationally recognized university degrees and for the low cost of studying and living. Georgia's educational institutions have an excellent reputation for the quality of education and advanced facilities. Learn about Georgia and its recommended universities and colleges by reading the Georgia guide on the YouStudy blog.
Canadian universities and colleges have a global reputation for providing high-quality education that is at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements. Easily continue your studies in Canada by applying through our office, Youstudy, and benefit from our specialized services. Gain exceptional educational opportunities and a wonderful cultural experience.

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