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Referring to these terms and conditions the word “content” means all information, text, logos, documents, images and any other materials that maybe uploaded/downloaded from/to the website (this including any details about courses or information about institutions listed on the website).

You must make sure that any content you would like to upload to our website:

  • It is not an intellectual property for third party whether such intellectual property is registered or unregistered. The intellectual property include copyright, database, trademarks, design rights and any other intellectual property.
  • It is not a breach for any applicable laws.

By using, you agree not to use it for the purpose of:

  • harassing, obscene, threatening, defamatory, sexually or radically offensive or discriminating or any other objectionable in our opinion.
  • Commercial purposes without written confirmation from
  • Send any junk emails or bulk communications for any kind.
  • Advertise any product, company without written confirmation from
  • Obtaining any personal information of students or staff.
  • Impersonating another user.

You will be the responsible for logging out from your account at the end of each logging in. If you realized any infringes to these terms and conditions, you agree to notify us immediately.

Intellectual property rights:

By using, you agree that any content in the website is protected by intellectual property rights which belong to or licensed to the website.

You do not have the right to claim property on any content of whether submitted/referred by you, or submitted by other party and you have no right to claim for property in any way.

You can download, print and store any content provided by for your own review but you should not amend on this content or use them for the purpose of commercial and have no right to claim for property on such stored content form

When you submit any content/suggestion to, you agree that:

  • You give this content perpetually, irrevocable and non-exclusive right and license to use this content or suggestion. has the absolute right to accept/reject or part acceptance of such offered/suggested content.
  • Authorise to deal with this content and agree to grant your moral rights and not identify yourself as the author of the material to any party.

Terms and conditions of using

By using, you are approving all terms and conditions whether you sign up as a member or use it as a visitor. Please do not use if you disagree to these terms and conditions. By using, you agree that the information provided is not accurate 100% and it is general information for general public and we are not responsible for any mistakes or errors on the website. has the absolute right to add/delete website content any time without responsibility upon such amendment or omission. By using the website you approve any amendment or additions.

Registration on

All portions of could may be used as a visitor. However, you have to create an account for you as a student to enable you to add courses to favourite, enquire and apply for any favourite course.

By registration on the website of, you agree that: Your age is 16 years old or above. If you are under 16 years old, you should get parent’s permission to register on the website. You can discuss these terms and conditions with your parents before create an account on

At registration process, you should make sure that all information about yourself is accurate. has the right to delete your account and ban your access to the website if it realized that your submitted information is not correct/inaccurate. has the absolute discretion to delete your account if realized that you are using the website for the purpose of spyware or tampering.

When you register on, you will be asked to create user name and password. You agree not to disclose these information to any third party and you are responsible of maintaining these information in confidential and you will be responsible for any liabilities raised upon using your access details from any person. If you suspect that other person has your access details, you must inform immediately by email and a new password will be sent to your email address.

If you forget the password, click on the link resend new pass word and a new password will be sent to your email. has the right discretion to delete your password or user name at any time if it realized that someone else using it. rights: has the absolute right to change, amend, delete, reject any content according to its own interest and without notifying any party. has the right to disclose any information details about the registered members if such information is necessary (this include the following circumstances) :

  • Maintain on website.
  • If such details requested by law. has the absolute right to suspend or terminate your access at any time if you breached any of these terms and conditions. Limitation of Liability: do not bear any responsibility for any direct losses or damages that maybe raise upon using it. does not bear any responsibility for any indirect, incidental, consequential losses or damages or loss of profits/data/goodwill whether these losses and damages raised in the normal course of events or in force major or whether have been notified before or not. Warranties:

By using, you agree that we do not guarantee the accuracy and relevancy or completed information 100%. is not responsible for any omissions and mistakes or for any results obtained via using the website. Please be noted that is for general information and for general public and could be changed or amended from time to time. does not guarantee to meet your requirements and do not guarantee that the access to the website will be available permanently.

Territory statement:

Please do not access to or use any of its content from countries that do not allow access to such websites. You will be responsible to breach this provision.

Law and jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions shall be governed to laws of United Arab Emirates. Privacy Notices:

This item explains how we combine and use your personal information: The information you submitted to when you sign up ( this include signing up via Facebook, Twitter or Google+), this information will be used when you apply for any course at any institution.

We may use your email address for promotional and marketing campaigns or to send any notifications about your account. If you do not wish to receive any promotional and marketing emails, you could unsubscribe from these emails.

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