Legal terms and privacy

Definition of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

YouStudy UK Ltd., which operates YouStudy site, has updated the terms of use and privacy policy below. Through this policy, we explain to our users how to control the content of the site and how to use and protect personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR Act. , So please read it carefully so that the user can benefit from the site.

General Items

  • By using this site you agree to all the terms, conditions and policies of using the site whether your visit is to browse or use or access any services provided by the site, and if you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use, please stop using the site immediately.
  • Users residing in countries whose laws do not allow access to this site are not allowed to use YouStudy site. If the user accesses the site from these countries, he has full responsibility for this and any consequences that may result from it.
  • All information contained on the site is indicative only and not 100% accurate and may change from time to time. YouStudy has no legal liability for the validity and accuracy of the information received or for any errors contained on the site.
  • YouStudy has the full authority to modify the terms and conditions of the use from time to time without prior notice to any party, according to the interests of YouStudy.
  • YouStudy is entitled to add or remove any content from the Site without any liability to third parties that may result from this modification or deletion in the content of the site.
  • YouStudy has the absolute freedom to modify any content at any time without reference to the party giving the data. The continued use or visit to the site constitutes as an approval of any modifications to the site content.

Website Content

The word “Content” indicates Images, logos, designs, programs, documents, photographs, graphics and any other materials that may be downloaded from / to the site, including any details of any courses, marketing news presentations or about universities and institutes. This content doesn’t include any personal data about users and visitors to the site (see the Privacy Policy for how to gain and use personal data below).

Be sure that any content uploaded to the site has the following:

  • It does not constitute any infringement of the intellectual property of any other party (including trademarks, designs and logos registered and unregistered).
  • It does not violate any laws in the country where you are browsing the site.
  • By using YouStudy website, you agree that the site will not be used for defamation, illegal relationships, espionage, racial or ethnic abuse, harassment, threats, or advocacy for porn, deception or other undesirable purposes which YouStudy prevents.

Contraindications of use of YouStudy site

By using YouStudy Website, you agree not to use the Site for the following purposes:

  • Send any misleading emails or download any viruses or any spam messages in any way.
  • An attempt to impersonate another person and use it on the YouStudy site.
  • Trade and investment without the prior written consent of YouStudy's management.
  • Advertising for any product / company / entity without the prior written consent of YouStudy's management.
  • Obtain personal information from users of the site or employees.
  • Harassment, threat, or intimidation of users.

Intellectual property rights:

YouStudy's content has intellectual property rights as owned by YouStudy and some of the content is used under a legal license from the primary provider of that content. Accordingly, no entity or user may own or claim any content on the site, whether directly provided to us or provided to us through other parties or what has been suggested to us and content may not be claimed in any form. YouStudy allows the user to upload or copy any content on the site and retain it temporarily for personal reference, but it should not be used for commercial purposes and should not be modified in any way. When the User or any entity sends / submits / suggests any content to be added on the YouStudy website, the User or the Authority agrees to: Submission of such Content to the YouStudy Site shall be deemed to be an absolute authorization by the user or entity of YouStudy to be used permanently without the possibility of claiming recovery without exclusive intellectual property rights. YouStudy is entitled to accept, refuse or accept part of it in which serves the interests of YouStudy.

YouStudy Warranties:

  • It should be noted that all information contained on the Site is only indicative and may change from time to time.
  • The use of YouStudy site is tantamount to agreeing that the site does not guarantee the accuracy, suitability or completeness of the information 100%.
  • The site is not responsible for any mistakes, and assumes no responsibility for the results of use or reliance on any information within the content.
  • YouStudy does not guarantee that it will meet all visitor needs or that it will be continuously available or error-free (either linguistic or technical errors) and will not be responsible for any errors contained on the Site.

Limitations of Liability:

YouStudy is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may arise from the use of the Site at any time (including loss of profits, revenue, loss of data or loss of goodwill), whether occurred in the normal circumstances or Compelling circumstances; and whether or not they have been notified by the Site.

Privacy policy:

  1. Definition

    The data is the information that belongs to the user or visitor that is entered into the website and maintain it, and we explain in this policy how these data is collected and how it is used by the site and the procedures of protection on site and user rights.

  2. Methods of data collection

    • The data entered for enquiry and when submitting enquiries about the services provided by the site.
    • e-mail data through which the registration is received in the service of receiving newsletters and marketing offers, which are sent via e-mail.
    • The e-mail information you entered to download the educational booklets displayed on the site.
    • By using cookies; cookies are sent by the site to the user's browser and later stored on the computer / mobile. These files help us each time visitors visit YouStudy site to find out what the user interests are. Please note that cookies cannot read the user's other data on the hard disk. The Internet browser will notify the user of the acceptance of cookies and will be free to accept or reject. If not accepted in the browser, all pages of the site may not be fully displayed.
    • The site collects data about the statistics of visitors to the site and traffic data and sources, and this includes public data which the user's personal cannot be identified by that information and does not include personal data of users.
  3. How data is used

    • Some of the students’ data will be sent to the educational institution during the application process. This will be done through the students’ acceptance of this step.
    • Send responses to enquiries of students and visitors; and when communicating with them for the same purpose.
    • Send any notifications from the site.
    • The e-mails registered with the site are used to send the site's marketing bulletins to the subscribers of this service.
    • Through cookies, information about the sites that the user visits will be stored so that those files can identify user preferences.
  4. Procedures for protecting user data

    • YouStudy only keeps the personal data of users who have a necessary need for the site or are linked to the services it provides (educational services).
    • The site has a secure connection using the HTTPS service.
    • Data is protected by modern and secure software, including encryption of the most important personal data as required by the user data protection laws.
    • The site ensures the protection of such data from any illegal access and the site is committed not to give any data belonging to the user to any other party unless there is a legal action that requires the site to do that.
    • Site staff is trained on user data protection procedures.
    • No user data is shared with any other parties other than the following:
      • The educational institutions that are given the user's data after agreeing to do so when applying to study in those institutions.
      • Services used to send e-mails to the user (such as Google and Benchmark company).
  5. Users' rights

    • The user has the right to inquire to find out what data concerning him/her and which the site keeps and find out how it is being used.
    • The user can request to modify any data of his/her own through communication with the management of the site.
    • The user can request to delete the data that is kept by the site and this is through the communication with the management of the site to take action on this matter.
    • No user data is stored on the site except through the user's consent (either with clear consent or through confirmation options).
    • If the user does not wish to receive the marketing bulletins sent by the site, he/she can communicate with the site management to request this and then will be removed from the marketing bulletins.
    • The user can also unsubscribe from the relevant link at the end of the messages sent to him/her.
    • No marketing bulletins are sent via e-mail to the user except by confirming that he/she has accepted to subscribe to the news service on the site.