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To study at The Sheffield College contact us and we will give you a university admission.

"At The Sheffield College we're proud of our strong relationships with international students and schools from around the world.
In the International English Department you'll have the opportunity to broaden your mind, increase your knowledge of world cultures and share a vast array of global experiences, whilst at the same time improving your English language skills and preparing for the future.

In class, there's a chance that you'll be working and learning alongside students of all ages, from different continents and with different backgrounds, specialities and objectives. You might, for example, find yourself in a class with doctors, footballers, lawyers, high-school or university students, chefs, teachers, pharmacists, engineers, mechanics or those who are still considering their next steps.

If you enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the world, our International English Department is definitely for you. We have new students starting almost every week throughout the year, which means plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Our teaching staff all have a wealth of experience both as academics and from working in their industries, so you can feel confident that you're always being taught the most relevant information for your chosen subject.

Sheffield is home to over 60,000 students and many of them maintain a connection with the city for life, something that we hope will be true for our international students as well!"


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