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To study BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE at Bangor University contact us and we will give you a university admission.

Apply to study BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE in the United Kingdom at Bangor University

  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Fee
    £ 16,000 / Year

Course Description

About This Course
This course has been specifically designed in collaboration with local NHS clinical laboratories and has been accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science. Scientific and clinical staff from hospitals in North Wales will be heavily involved in all aspects of teaching and guest presentations will be given by international diagnostic companies.

Biomedical Science is concerned with the integration of a wide range of subjects that underpin the scientific investigation of human health and disease. This course is designed to give students essential knowledge and understanding of the biology of disease, including modern concepts and applications of biomedical science in the research, diagnosis and treatment of clinical disorders. Students are encouraged to assimilate knowledge from core biological sciences to develop skills in the more specialised biomedical disciplines of clinical biochemistry, cellular pathology, haematology and medical microbiology. There is a need for graduates who are experienced in the advanced diagnostic and molecular techniques that are revolutionising disease diagnosis and treatment in the NHS, Armed Forces, Industry, Academia and Research.

Why choose Bangor University for this course?
Scientific and clinical staff from hospitals in north Wales are intimately involved in all aspects of teaching. Guest presentations are given by international diagnostic companies.
Cutting-edge science is integral to our research programmes, and feeds through into the teaching environment. Our expertise encompasses the design of novel therapeutic agents, investigation of mechanisms controlling carcinogenesis, study of the molecular processes underlying birth defects and the development of novel methods for controlling tropical diseases.
The Biomedical Science degree has been accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS).
Graduates can specialise in one of several laboratory disciplines within the NHS, including Medical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Cellular Pathology, Immunology, Haematology and Transfusion Science, or follow a career in a variety of medical diagnostic and research environments.
Bangor University is a vibrant and friendly environment, with an excellent reputation for student support and for student satisfaction.

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