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To study COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR BUSINESS at Bangor University contact us and we will give you a university admission.


  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Fee
    £ 17,000 / Year

Course Description

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree is intended for students who are interested in a course which emphasizes the application of software in business and industry. The course provides a grounding in computer science, the construction and use of database systems, new media technologies, systems administration, artificial intelligence and business information systems. CIS for Business is a variant of the standard CIS degree and provides an opportunity to study a range of modules in Bangor’s internationally acclaimed School of Business.

The course is designed to enable you to apply the latest developments in Computing to a broad range of organisational Information and Technology problems. After graduating you will be equipped to manage and develop computational technology systems for a broad range of user’s needs. In addition, the course will prepare you with a range of professional skills, including communication, teamwork, time-management and independent learning alongside an awareness of relevant legal, social and ethical issues.

During your time at Bangor you will develop an understanding of the fundamentals underpinning computer information systems and their application in industry. You will be able to describe the operation of these systems and apply a range of principles and concepts to the production of properly engineered software. Crucially you will also understand the drivers for the future trends in this fast-moving area.

Why choose Bangor University for this course?

  1. This course is strengthened by Bangor's close links with the computer industry. Many of our students find employment at one of the tech companies based just outside Bangor.
  2. Final-year projects are often carried out in collaboration with a company.
  3. We have recently installed a large networking laboratory.
  4. This facility is designed to provide students with the opportunity to design and administer networks and to support the delivery of computer architecture modules.

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