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To study Criminology and Criminal Justice PhD/MPhil at Bangor University contact us and we will give you a university admission.

Criminology and Criminal Justice PhD/MPhil

  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Fee
    £ 12,500 / Year

Course Description

The School of Social Sciences provides a stimulating and supportive environment for postgraduate training. The emphasis is on small groups, close working relationships between students and supervisors, and development towards full professional participation in the subject area. Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Bangor is focussed on comparative study at a number of cross-cultural levels: national, international and rural-urban comparisons are three of the most important ways in which comparative criminological work is undertaken. For research students we are able to provide both a full research training programme and high quality expert supervision across a broad spectrum of subjects.

Research Areas
Criminology and Criminal Justice with specialisations in:
Youth homelessness and crime
Institutional child abuse
Critical approaches to law, crime and criminology
Sociology of Law
Public opinion on crime and criminal justice
Penal policy
Rural criminology
Law judges and jurors
Procedural justice
Popular legal culture, including film and TV
Islamic extremism and terrorism
Trust in police, courts and the legal profession
Crime and Civic Society:
Support for the police
Political violence and terrorism
Media and public opinion
Begging in North Africa and South Asia
Popular Legal Culture
Violence in intimate relationship
Rural criminology
Postcolonial societies, crime and deviance
Theoretical criminology
Criminal Justice Systems
Lay participation in the administration of justice
Current graduate students are conducting research on:
Women’s accounts of their violent behaviour
An ethnographic study of cannabis use in a North Wales community
Identity fraud
Social problems and juvenile delinquency in Malawi
Restorative justice and rehabilitation
Accommodating sex offenders after prison
Course content is for guidance purposes only and may be subject to change.

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