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To study LLB (2-Year Law Conversion Course for Graduates) LLB at Bangor University contact us and we will give you a university admission.

Apply to study LLB (2-Year Law Conversion Course for Graduates) LLB in the United Kingdom at Bangor University

  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
  • Duration
    1 Year
  • Fee
    £ 13,000 / Year

Course Description

Law affects all of our lives and the knowledge of law increases our understanding of the society and the world in which we live.

This law conversion course leads to an LLB qualification and provides a liberal education in law, or in law combined with another discipline, to promote such an awareness and to allow those who so wish to progress to careers in the legal professions.

This law conversion course is especially designed for people who have previously undertaken higher education and wish to study for a qualifying law degree. This may include:
Graduates who have successfully completed an honours degree in another subject at Bangor or another accredited institution
IELTS 6.5 (International Candidates)
Equivalent experience 

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