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Welsh for Beginners (Cymraeg i Ddechreuwyr) BA (Hons)

Course Info

  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
  • Duration
    4 Years
  • Fee
    £ 12,500 / Year


This course offers you the opportunity to gain proficiency in Welsh, the most vibrant of the Celtic languages. You will also have the opportunity, especially during your third and fourth years, to study rich and diverse Welsh literary texts extending from the earliest traditions in any language concerning Arthur and Myrddin (Merlin) to the vibrant Welsh writing of contemporary Wales. The course will initially provide you with intensive language tuition, and the emphasis, during the first year, will be on acquiring spoken modern Welsh. From the second year onwards greater focus will be placed on writing skills and you will increasingly be taught with our second and first language students. During your third and fourth years you will follow the basic Welsh degree scheme and all your modules will be taught through the medium of Welsh.

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