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To study A Level Modern Foreign Languages at Bellerbys College - Brighton (International Study Centre) contact us and we will give you a university admission.

Apply to study A Level Modern Foreign Languages in the United Kingdom at Bellerbys College - Brighton (International Study Centre)

Course Description

If you study A Level Modern Languages you’ll study French, Spanish or an alternative language to your mother tongue. The course will give you a lasting appreciation of language and learning, and the ability to comprehend the language in a wide range of contexts. You'll build your communication, interpersonal, intercultural, and public speaking skills. These are known as 'soft skills'. Languages are classified as facilitating subjects. These are subjects favoured by top universities for a whole range of degree courses. So they are a great option, whatever you want to do.

What will I study?

How to communicate readily in Spanish and French for a variety of purposes
Past and contemporary Spanish-speaking and French-speaking culture
Valuable skills for foreign travel, further education and employment
Where will this subject take me?

Languages are great for a wide variety of careers especially those involving translation. Additional languages will benefit your career, enabling you to communicate in the global framework. This can include careers in tourism, government, politics, media, publishing, and journalism. You can also work in education, fashion or law.

Bellerbys students that have taken A Level French or A Level Spanish have gone on to study at a variety of respected UK universities. In 2016 these included: Politics at Kings College London and Management at London School of Economics.

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