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A Level Sociology

Course Info


A Level Sociology offers you the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and understanding of sociological thought and methods, together with a range of skills. Sociology is the study of human societies, in all sorts of contexts.

What will I study?

Research Methods, Families and Households, the role of education in society and the reasons why pupils from different backgrounds achieve different levels of success
Beliefs in society
Crime and deviance
Where will this subject take me?

A Level Sociology gives you a strong foundation for further study of a range of academic subjects at degree level. It is a good foundation subject as the knowledge you learn can be applied to all aspects of society and it provides a variety of academic skills especially thinking critically about the world. Sociology can lead to a job in a variety of careers such as teaching, social work and social policy making, law, journalism and the civil service. Students who have completed this A Level have gone on to study a diverse range of courses at respected UK universities. These include: History at Durham University, Economics at University of Exeter, Social Sciences as well as Law at University College London.

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