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Undergraduate Pathway Communications and Humanities

Course Info


Through this pathway you will develop a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the basic facts, concepts, theories and principles of communications, film and media through critical thinking and intercultural studies.
You will also develop an appreciation of the wider communications context and its underlying principles, including its social, environmental, ethical, economic and commercial impacts. You will also explore potential careers in the industry.

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the award of the following from Anglia Ruskin University:

BA (Hons) Creative Music Technology

BA (Hons) Criminology

BA (Hons) English Language Studies

BA (Hons) English Language and Linguistics

BA (Hons) English Literature

BA (Hons) Drama

BA (Hons) Drama and English Literature

BA (Hons) Drama and Film Studies

BA (Hons) Film Studies

BA (Hons) History

BA (Hons) Media Studies

BA (Hons) Music

BA (Hons) Sociology

BA (Hons) Performing Arts

BA (Hons) Policing and Criminal Justice

BA (Hons) Philosophy
BA (Hons) Politics

BA (Hons) Writing and English Literature

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