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Communication Skills course

Course Info:

  • Institution
  • Destination
    United Kingdom
  • Intakes
    All year round  
  • Duration
    99 - 4 Weeks
  • Fee
    £ 400 - £ 260


Ever wished you could present your views clearly, but don’t have the language skills or the confidence?

Communication Skills lessons help you develop the skills to speak confidently in any situation.

To develop your all-round English skills and focus on improving your spoken English combine Communication Skills elective lessons with a General English course.

Why choose Communication Skills?

  • Become confident speaking English in meetings, in class and socially
  • Feel comfortable debating your point of view in English
  • Learn how to give persuasive speeches and oral presentations
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Develop effective listening skills
  • Learn how to communicate with people from differing cultural backgrounds
  • Speak and listen to English from the moment you join the class with professional teachers trained in the latest technology.

Free Consultation :

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