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To study Business, Law and Social Sciences Pre-Master’s at Kaplan International College (KIC) London contact us and we will give you a university admission.

Apply to study Business, Law and Social Sciences Pre-Master’s in the United Kingdom at Kaplan International College (KIC) London

Course Description

Enjoy guaranteed progression to a master's degree when you pass at the required level. Specially designed modules and one-to-one tutorials will help you prepare for university study.

Accounting and Financial Management MSc
Applied Human Rights MA
Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching MA
Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching MA
Comparative and International Social Policy MA
Comparative Applied Social and Public Policy, Evaluation and Research MPA
Conflict, Governance and Development MA
Contemporary History and International Politics MA
Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management MSc
Development Economics and Emerging Markets MSc
Economics and Public Policy MSc
Education MA
Environmental Economics and Environmental Management MSc
Global and International Citizenship Education MA
Global Crime and Justice MA
Global Marketing MSc
Global Social Policy MA
Human Resource Management MSc
International Business and Strategic Management MSc
International Corporate and Commercial Law LLM
International Political Economy - Critical Theories, Issues and Conflicts MA
International Relations MA
Legal and Political Theory LLM
LLM Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
LLM Corporate Finance Lawr
LLM Criminal Litigation
LLM Dispute Resolution
LLM Entertainment Law
LLM European Commercial Law
LLM International and Commercial Dispute Resolution Law
LLM International Banking and Finance
LLM International Commercial Law
LLM International Commercial Law
LLM International Economic Law
LLM International Energy Law and Regulation
LLM International Human Rights
LLM International Law
LLM Maritime Law
LLM Professional Advocacy
LLM Public International Law
MA Audiovisual Translation and Popular Culture
MA Conflict Prevention, Dispute Resolution
MA Creative Writing and Publishing
MA Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
MA Global Political Economy
MA Human Resource Management
MA International Business and Management
MA International Communications and Development
MA International Human Resource Management
MA International Politics
MA International Politics and Human Rights
MA International Publishing
MA Management
MA Marketing Communications
MA Media and Communications
MA Publishing
MA/MSc Marketing Management
Management MSc
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Masters of Public Administration
Masters of Public Administration in International Development
MDes Design and Innovation for Sustainability
MDes in Design Strategy and Leadership
MDes Innovation & Creativity in Industry
MRes Clinical Research
MSc Accounting & Finance
MSc Business & Management
MSc Business Analytics
MSc Business Economics
MSc Business Economics & Finance
MSc Business Psychology
MSc Business Systems, Analysis and Design
MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Data Science
MSc Economic Evaluation in Healthcare
MSc Economics for Natural Resource and Environmental Management
MSc Entrepreneurship & International Business
MSc Environment and Public Policy
MSc Environmental Management for Business
Msc Environmental Risk Management
MSc Finance
MSc Finance and Accounting
MSc Finance, Banking and Insurance
MSc Food Policy
MSc Gas Energy
MSc Global Finance
MSc Health Economics
MSc Health Management
MSc Health Policy
MSc Health Services Research
MSc Human Resource Management & Business
MSc Information Science
MSc Information Systems & Business Analysis
MSc Information Systems and Technology
MSc International Accounting & Finance
MSc International Business Economics
MSc International Development Management
MSc Investment Analysis
MSc Library Science
MSc Management
MSc Management and Corporate Sustainability
MSc Management and Entrepreneurship
MSc Management and Information Systems
MSc Manufacturing Consultancy
MSc Organisational Behaviour
MSc Project Management
MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
MSc Strategic Marketing
MSc Strategic Marketing Management
MSc Strategy & International Business
MSc Supply Chain Management
MSc Work Psychology & Business
Philosophy, Politics & Economics MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Development MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Philosophy MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Politics MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Philosophy & Public Affairs MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Political Economy MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Political Research MA
Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Politics & Development MA
Political Research MA
Political Theory MA
Post-war Recovery Studies MA
Project Analysis, Finance and Investment MSc
Public Administration and Public Policy MA
Social Justice and Education MA
Social Policy MA
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA

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