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Science and Engineering Pre-Master’s

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Benefit from guaranteed entry to a master's degree when you complete at the required level. Carefully designed modules, alongide one-to-one tutorials, will help get you ready for university.

Audio and Music Technology MSc
Communications Engineering MSc
Computing MSc
Digital Systems Engineering MSc
Embedded Wireless Systems MSc
Engineering Management MSc
Environmental Science & Management MSc
Industrial Biotechnology MSc
Information Technology MSc
Intelligent Robotics MSc
Marine Environmental Management MSc
MSc Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact
MSc Advanced Materials
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
MSc Aerodynamics
MSc Aerospace Dynamics
MSc Aerospace Manufacturing
MSc Aerospace Materials
MSc Aerospace Propulsion
MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design
MSc Air Transport Management
MSc Aircraft Design
MSc Airport Planning and Management
MSc Applied Bioinformatics
MSc Applied Biotechnology
MSc Applied Nanotechnology
MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering
MSc Automotive Engineering
MSc Automotive Mechatronics
MSc Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control
MSc Avionic Systems Design
Msc Biofuels Process Engineering
MSc Biomedical Engineering with Healthcare Technology Management
MSc Business Intelligence and Analytics
MSc Business Systems, Analysis and Design
MSc Carbon Capture and Storage
MSc Civil Engineering Structures
MSc Civil Engineering Structures (Nuclear Power Plants)
MSc Community Water and Sanitation
MSc Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering
MSc Computational Fluid Dynamics
MSc Computer Games Technology
MSc Construction Management
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Data Science
MSc Defence Simulation and Modelling
MSc Design of Rotating Machines
MSc Digital Signal and Image Processing
MSc Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
MSc Energy Supply for Low Carbon Futures
MSc Energy Systems and Thermal Processes
MSc Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems
MSc Environmental Data Science
MSc Environmental Engineering
MSc Environmental Water Management
MSc Explosives Ordnance Engineering
MSc Finance and Accounting
MSc Finance and Management
MSc Finance, Banking and Insurance
MSc Flight Dynamics
MSc Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production
MSc Food Chain Systems Environmental Science and Agriculture
MSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology
MSc Forensic Ballistics Biological Sciences
MSc Forensic Engineering and Science
MSc Forensic Investigation
MSc Gas Turbine Technology
MSc Geographical Information Management
MSc Global Finance
MSc Global Product Development and Management
MSc Gun Systems Design
MSc Health Informatics
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Design
MSc Information Science
MSc Information Systems and Technology
MSc Integrated Landscape Ecology
MSc Investment and Risk Finance
MSc Investment Management
MSc Knowledge Management for Innovation
MSc Land Reclamation and Restoration
MSc Library Science
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MSc Manufacturing Consultancy
MSc Manufacturing Technology and Management
MSc Maritime Operations and Management
MSc Materials for Energy Systems
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Military Operational Research
MSc Military Vehicle Technology
MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology with Offshore Materials Engineering
MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology with Offshore Renewable Energy
MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology with Pipeline Engineering
MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology with Risk Management
MSc Offshore & Ocean Technology with Subsea Engineering
MSc Power, Propulsion and the Environment
MSc Process Systems Engineering
MSc Project Management, Finance and Riskn
MSc Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management
MSc Renewable Energy Technology
MSc Rotating Machinery, Engineering and Management
MSc Safety and Human Factors in Aviation
MSc Software Engineering
MSc Software Engineering for Technical Computing
MSc Structural Design
MSc Thermal Power
MSc Waste and Resource Management
MSc Water and Wastewater Engineering
MSc Welding Engineering
Statistics and Computational Finance MSc