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To study "Kaplan’s Teacher Training Course" at Kaplan International English - Bath contact us and we will give you a university admission.

"Kaplan’s Teacher Training Course"

Course Description

What is Kaplan's Teacher Training course?
Our Teaching Training course is based on practicality, focused around hands-on activities that allow you to reflect on and discuss your experiences. Choose between a solid academic program or a mix of study and social activities. You have the power to build your course based on the particular study aims of your group.

Study English in the UK or Ireland
Benefit from valuable insight into effective learning practices while examining new and exciting teaching styles
Learn about the communicative method of language teaching
Improve your general teaching skills, or focus on teaching English to adults, primary or secondary school students
Customize your course content and length of study
Choose from some of our other courses such as CLIL Methodology course, Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Preparation course, or Cambridge Celta course (Certificate of English Launguage Teaching to Adults) This programme is right for you if:
You are a primary or secondary school teacher
You want to improve your skills of teaching in English, to teenagers or adults
You want the ability to customize your course content and length from a combination of academic modules
You want to enhance your CV and learn new teaching methods
You want the option to choose between a solid academic program or a mix of study and social activities

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