We Build the Bridge

We Build the Bridge
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It is a well-known fact that there are a massive number of international students seeking to study various courses away from their home country. And these international students are curious to know details about study abroad programs and institution profiles they looking to study. In this article, we will explore the importance of bridging the gap between international students and course providers.

Every student does like to hear stories and know more opinions and reviews on how life is at the university. Moving away from home, settling into new accommodation in a new country, making friends, facing language barriers, challenges in the course itself, and many various factors are a concern to each and every international student. Even with these concerns, international students are always excited and curious to learn more and explore their new journey in a new country.

With YouStudy.com, any and every educational institution can promote their courses, share information about scholarships basically anything, and everything about the institution profile.  YouStudy also helps increase the institution’s reachability with international students, especially from the Middle-East region. YouStudy not just helps to create creative content in the form of videos and translate text into Arabic (language understood by students from the Middle-East countries) but also promotes study abroad programs and courses on the portal, that ranks first on SEO in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and many more.

Creative content in a language that is understood by these international students from the Middle-East countries or MENA regions is sure short success formula for educational institutions that are looking to increase their international student enrolments.

International students are well versed in the fact that they may have challenges fitting into the new atmosphere. This inquisitiveness has increased the demand for more international student orientated content from the course providers to enhance their institution profile in the language an international student can relate to and help these potential international students feel more secure and confident when choosing a study abroad program.

YouStudy offers scope to provide information about universities and present institution profiles in the language that international students from the Middle East region can understand. YouStudy builds the bridge of the language gap and delivers information about universities and their study abroad programs in the language understood by international students.

Studying abroad is a massive investment for international students and their families. They look for advice and guidance from friends, family, and teachers, but also seek expert help from professional study abroad consultants to know more about international scholarships, information about universities, and much more. YouStudy also being a study abroad consultant helps guide students through the application process and into the institution that will best suit their specific needs.

Choosing to study abroad country and the appropriate program or course, stepping out of the home country may be a first off experience for many international students and parents understandably have concerns. YouStudy being a study abroad consultant reassures both parents and students about student support mechanisms and provides advice on life in the UK, accommodation, and institution profile, international scholarships, and much more, so that students are well prepared in advance.

Study abroad consultant that YouStudy is looks after the interests of both the students and the institution profile. YouStudy shines a positive light on information about universities in the language that the international students understand, benefitting the same for the institution profile as well. Study abroad consultants also help universities promote their brand and ethos, and provide access to students in countries that are otherwise difficult to recruit because of the language barrier.

Through YouStudy, educational institutions offering programs for international students can easily build their institution’s profile and communicate key points like information about the scholarship, life at the university, and many more things about the institution in the local language that these students understand. This is done by using the profile text, multiple tabs of information such as scholarships, a video, institution imagery, and much more in the local Arabic language.

Although the institution profile can give lots of useful information about the institution to the students, one thing it can’t do is give a detailed overview in the local language of what it is like to be an international student within the university. Hence, YouStudy offers institutions the opportunity to convey student stories and help those potential international students make their decisions about studying abroad confidently.

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