How to study Masters in UK or USA?

How to study Masters in UK or USA


Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of international students going abroad for higher education like a masters degree. Some factors like scholarship and education loans have made the process much easier for working class.

In UK, one can apply for up to five courses at same or different universities. If you wish to apply for a master's degree, you can go for direct application for any chosen university. Many universities in UK ask for application anytime within the year, but some degree courses have deadlines. There is online information available about the deadline on the website of the selected university.

In USA, before applying to a master's degree go through the application process in detail for the selected university which will include the requirements for the process. To qualify for a master's program, you would like to take tests like Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

One should be very proficient in English to sit for applying master's degree both in USA and UK. For English Language skills, the scores of IELTS and TOEFL will be considered.

Why study master's in UK?

Pursuing higher education in UK holds a list of benefits. A UK postgraduate degree holds high admiration by employers. Moreover, the international students qualifying education from UK have a great opportunity to enhance their English language skills. This improves your career opportunities and gives a student an internationally recognised qualification.

Why study master's in USA?

Building the career in USA gives you thousands of choices of institutions and degree programmes. Moreover, USA is recognised as the world's most popular study abroad destination. Irrespective of your selected university, qualifying a Master's degree from US provides you with an internationally respected qualification. American graduate programs are famous worldwide for their inclusive approaches.

Master's degree

In USA, there are two types of graduate degree programs which include Academic or research and Professional degree. Academic degree is comprised of two years. This degree is pursued to build up career in academia or research side. The professional degree can be completed in two years. This degree is build to make the students enhance their skills for a particular profession.

Most popular master's degree in U.S. includes Master of Business Administration (MBA) which is pursued in different specialisations which include Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics and Mathematics. Some top choices in master's program can be done in Information Technology, Law and Engineering.

In United Kingdom, the master's degree is classified into two programs namely, Taught Masters and Research Masters. The master's degree in Taught program is comprised of 1-2 years full-time. Taught program offers Masters of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Arts (MA) and Masters of Engineering (MEng). In Research degree, students become more responsive for their study and schedule, including thesis study. The mostly recognised research study is a PhD degree which is completed in 3-4 years. Other types of research programs include Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Research (MRes) and Master of Science (MSc).

Why to opt an international degree?

An international degree holds a variety of features for a student. This adds a stamp of internationally recognised qualification to a student's portfolio. More importantly, the career opportunities expand along with it.

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