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IELTS Exam, or the International Language Testing System, is a test designed to assess people’s ability to communicate in the English language. The IELTS Exam is a recommended test for international students seeking to study in the UK. It is often an important test as well for families that want to move to the US on a long-term or permanent basis. So, why do you need the test if you already speak English? Read on to get answers to the question and answers about other important questions on IELTS UKVI.

Why you need the Test

The IELTS UKVI is a recommended English language test for people who wish to apply for UK visa. The test is applied in many Anglophone speaking countries; notably the US, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Technically, you must submit an English language qualification test if you want a visa for work, business, or studies. However, at times you may be asked to submit an approved test such as the IELTS UKVI especially if you cannot communicate verbally in English.

Test for Students

If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in a UK university, you must have a certain level of mastery in the English language. Most of the universities set the English proficiency levels and can decide on what way they want you to prove it. However, almost all UK universities accept IELTS test results. As of April 2016, your IELTS UKVI results can also be sued to apply for permanent residency in Britain.

Can you apply the IELTS UKVI test online?

These days it is absolutely possible to apply the UKVI IELTS online. The format of questions often reflects that of any other tests, including the duration time. Taking the test online is, however, more convenient and more affordable. But if you are not comfortable with online methods, you can take the test in any location directed to you by UKVI offices.

Note also that applying the IELTS Exam for a UK visa is a bit different than when taking it for other purposes. The locations, for instance, may differ, the time and the forms as well. Other than that, the questions, levels of difficulty, examiners, and scoring methods remain the same.

Enquiry of Results

In case you are not pleased by the results of your IELTS Exam, you can request for certain parts to be remarked. This is called an ‘Enquiry of results.’ You have to pay a fixed fee to get the results remarked, and you must apply for the process six weeks within the first day you sat for the test. If your results improve after the remark, you will get your money refunded.

IELTS Life Skills

If you are planning to move to the UK with your family, this test may be necessary. As already noted, you are required to prove that you can communicate in English before you get visas for your family. The IELTS Exams for families are offered in different parts of the world. But then again, you must work with UK visa offices to ensure you only sit for IELTS for UKVI only.

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