What are Pre-sessional English Courses?



Pre–sessional English courses are specifically designed to develop and upgrade the English language for students who do not speak the language as their first tongue. These professional English courses are conducted before the main course at the university so that the students can be prepared for the intensive and challenging nature of teaching by the experienced professors.

The curriculum of the language course is determined by:

  • The level of English required to complete the main course
  • Your current English language skill

These courses are delivered by professional English – speaking professors who have experience teaching international students. A number of Universities have contracts with us to provide the pre-sessional courses in English for university level and train their upcoming batches of students.

Tips To Pass the Course with High Grades

It may be intensive and obscure for many students as they have to be fluent in academic English in just a space of few weeks. Nevertheless, passing the course with flying colors is no rocket science and it can happen with consistency in combined efforts to learn the language and knowing what the examination asks.

1- Utilize the resources

Once you enroll to the English language school, you receive a lot of resources like textbooks, portals and CD’s where one can read further, take up tests and analyze their progress. Make complete use of such resources throughout and even after the course.

2- Speak Often

This is the best way to learn a language. When got a chance, communicate with native speakers in English. Hearing their vocabulary and sentence formations can help you tune your speaking skills accordingly.

3- Read Literature

Do not shy away from reading difficult literature. Read at least 20 pages a day. Note down all the words you do not know and find out their meanings.

4- Summarize what you have read

The pre-sessional course will want you to write essays. So in order to get the habit of writing, describe everything you have read that day or even experienced, in a book.

1- Listen to Podcasts and other English Videos.

Try to understand their accent without using subtitles.

2- Go through the exam content

Review the pattern of their exams and put focus on specific topics accordingly. Practice as many sample papers you can get.

3- Manage Time.

On the D-day, it’s all about matching accuracy with speed. Do homework on how much time you can spend on each section and practice full question papers with a timer.

Entry Requirements for the Pre-sessional Course

Every University offers different pre-sessional on the basis of your IELTS scores. Make sure you know which course to apply for and what scores to get to start the main course.

  • The University Of Swansea offers three pre-sessional courses in English for academic study. Level 1 is for those who have IELTS scores in the range of 5.0 to 6.0 exit. Level 2 is for those who have the scores above 5.5 entry. Level 3 is for those who have met the IELTS requirements with a score of more than 0.5 in Writing. .
  • The Bangor University asks to touch an IELTS score of at least 6.0 to be considered for the degree course. It offers one 42-week pre-sessional course from (Sept to Sept) and two 30-weeks courses (Jan to Sept, Sept to June). Along with that, there are many ones and two-month courses available depending on the IELTS score and the degree requirements.
  • The Anglia Ruskin University has pre-sessional English degree courses ranging from 5 weeks for students with IELTS scores between 5.5 and 6.5 and up to 20 weeks for those with scores between 4.5 and 5.0.

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