What is Homestay Student Accommodation?



What is Homestay Student Accommodation?

Every year, around 600,000 international students arrive in the UK for studies especially due to the brilliance in higher education and acceptance almost all over the world. Qualifying for a master or graduate degree from the UK opens worldwide avenues for students because of the reputation of the Universities.

The social life in the UK is a mixed blend of multiple cultures due to different races integrated. If you are comfortable with the English language, you would not face many issues with communication. UK is a safe region but they have several laws that need to be followed when residing there. For instance, to ensure smooth financial transactions, students have to open bank accounts there.

The expenses of staying in the UK can be the biggest financial obstacle for any International student although universities give scholarships and grants to students who fulfill their stringent requirements.

There are various options available for student accommodation:

  1. University Accommodation: Mostly all the universities provide the facility of accommodation though with limited seats only and it is called University Accommodation.
  2. Host family: Some students opt to take a room in any house of a family on an individual or sharing basis.
  3. Homestay: International student homestay is a preferred alternative due to factors of collaborative consumption and sharing. The student is offered a room and food.
  4. House-sharing: This is an economical option and also through this option, international students can meet a lot of people.
  5. International Student house: It is a place which houses overseas students operated by the self-supporting charity under a body of trustees.
  6. Dormitories: Especially in the UK, on-campus and off-campus dormitories are made available.

Costs Associated with Staying in UK:

Accommodation services for International students are relatively exorbitant and charges depend on the choice of accommodation one chooses. The cost of renting a room in the UK can cost roughly 400 pounds a month. Rent charges are not inclusive of council taxes, could be in the range of a minimum of 120 pounds. The monthly average of water and electricity would be approximately 140 pounds whereas the cost of heating would amount to around 80 pounds and inflates in winter. Per week of homestay, UK can be in the neighborhood of 200 pounds along with additional charges for food, personal hygiene, and other amenities.

Tips on selecting the right accommodation for you:

  • Homestay accommodations are most comfortable as you can receive the warmth of a home and a family life being away from your home.
  • If you have already taken an education and maintenance loan, it is really important to fix your budget for student accommodation beforehand.
  • There are bodies in universities and off-campus dormitories which assist in choosing the right student housing for you.
  • Check for the environmental surroundings of all accommodation services, be it of the host family or any other student accommodation.
  • The most crucial point to keep in mind while taking decisions about staying is ensuring your safety.

We hope that we covered all about University Accommodation and if you need more info about, International Student house, accommodation services, or student housing please contact us.

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