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Cambridge and Oxford may be the symbols of UK top education, but there are many more educational institutions in the UK that are world-famous. Some of them, like Kaplan and Study Group, have an almost universal reach, and their certificates are very valuable. With the education institutions having branches in almost every country, having a Kaplan certificate, therefore, means that you could work in potentially any country where their programs are recognized.


Kaplan is a group of international colleges known for their quality education throughout the world. For people who don’t meet the requirements to start an undergraduate program especially, Kaplan colleges will help them complete a diploma program all the way to Ph.D. People who can’t qualify for a diploma can also learn a foundation course in their first year at Kaplan before taking a diploma course. After that, you complete your undergraduate degree with the help of certain UK universities that are in partnership with Kaplan.

So, what course do they offer? Kaplan courses are many and varied, and often involve fields that are most popular in the job market today. Students can pursue a course in Art and design, international relations, petroleum, social sciences, hard sciences, law, media, Business, and Engineering. And despite any of the courses you wish to take, Kaplan allows you to complete your bachelor’s degree with some of the best universities in Britain. Some of the famous universities include:

  • University of Westminster
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Bournemouth University
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Salford

Kaplan international colleges also have partnerships with universities across the US.


Like Kaplan, Navitas is a group of leading educational institutions that offer pathway programs for international students to complete bachelor and graduate programs in world-class universities in different countries. At present, Navitas has 32 colleges across 7 different countries in the world. The countries are the UK, USA, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. Navitas’s colleges offer almost similar programs with Kaplan.


INTO is yet another educational institution that offers pathway programs for international students who would like to graduate with degrees from the UK, US, and China. Their programs are often subject-based pathway programs for undergraduate or graduate students. Unlike other colleges, however, INTO provides accommodation and education centered on improving the student’s wholesome education progression. Their classes are often small in size but equipped with world-class facilities.

There are several other UK educational institutions with a global reach that do or do not necessarily offer pathway programs to university education. The Cambridge Education Group, for instance, is another leading pathway institution that works with renowned universities throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA. Mainly, courses offered by this institution cover the programs that may lead to graduate studies or arts-related courses.

Finally, Study Group Abroad is another famous educational institution that offers pathway programs for international students. Study Group abroad is quite popular actually and has branches in 145 different countries.

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