How to Choose your Destination of Study in the UK

How to Choose your Destination of Study in the UK



If you are thinking of studying abroad in the UK, there are certain names and terms you need to know. There are also facts and people’s experiences studying in British universities you should weigh in before moving there. To start with, you may have or you will hear of people talking about the British council. Who are they and how can they affect your decision to move in any UK region? How does ‘Brexit’ affect you as a student? Learn these and more in the next few minutes

The British council is a group of language assistant throughout schools in the UK. Their main role is to assist classroom teachers motivate students in their studies. They also help create a vibrant culture around UK classrooms, so that students understand the world around them in a better manner. If you are planning to move to the UK to learn the English language, learning more about the British council and what they do will help you realize why you should take your language in no other place in the world.

The Regions that make up the UK

So you want to study in Britain, but do you know the difference between Britain and the UK? Do they mean the same thing? Is someone from North Ireland a Brit? Maybe you already know all the answers to those questions. But if you don’t, here are things you should know. The UK is short from of the United Kingdom. It consists of England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland.

therefore not interchangeable with the UK. So, what difference does it make whether you study in North Ireland or London? Well, the quality of education in UK universities is generally topnotch, but some regions provide better learning environments than others. Choose your location wisely, therefore, with the following tips.

  • Consider Transportation-How do you like to move? If you love cycling, look for city with great weather conditions. Check out for cities with the best cycling lanes, and look for a university there. If you are comfortable with buses and tubes, London and any other major UK will have great transportation systems to fit you.
  • Leisure and Cultural activities-What interests you in life? If you love sports, London, Manchester or Glasgow can be great destinations. If you fancy tourist attractions, London, North Ireland and Scotland are great places you could consider studying at.
  • University Ranking-Since you are moving to UK to study, research on top universities ranking in the region and where they are located. Oxford and Cambridge are great examples, but so are many London universities. Select a university located in your ideal city, and one with the program you want to study.

Other considerations to factor in are budgetary constraints and security. Living in London, for instance is adorable, but not everyone can afford the costs of living there.

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