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It is hard to get tired of living in London -unless you prefer to live a simple life far away from the chaos of modern cities. If not, life in London can be awesome, full of adventures and lots of things to do.

As an international student, living in London can be fun and challenging at the same time. Below we discuss the good and the challenges of London. Also, stick around to get some tips on how to enjoy your city in an amazing city.

London Police seldom carry Firearms

Throughout the UK cities, police officers rarely carry firearms. They believe in enforcing the law with minimal force, as reiterated by their motto “minimum force.” Whether that is a good or bad thing is something Londoners debate about.

However, since London is generally safe, it should be gratifying noting that you can hardly become a victim of police brutality while you are in the city. Note, however, that the police are ever ready to use firearms in extreme circumstances, but otherwise it is just a baton.

The Weather is not bad actually

You’ve probably already been warned about the weather in London and other UK cities. And true, it rains a lot in London. However, the weather isn’t poor at all times. By contrast, it is often warm and sunny even after rain. Be sure to carry your warm clothes or buy new ones once you arrive in the big city. Learn to carry an umbrella whenever you go out shopping or touring the city, also.

Banking is easy and affordable

While the costs of living in London are sky-high, banking in the city isn’t any different from other countries. If you are from the US especially, you will find the banking system familiar. The most popular banks in London are those you are probably used to in the US; Bank of America, HSBC, Citibank, and other local banks.

ATM charges can be nil or slightly high than what you may expect due to international fees. As a result, read up information about London and know where the best places to bank as a student are.

Education is Top-Notch

This should come out obvious, but UK universities are some of the best in the world. The teaching methods and resources found in many London universities are world-class.

At the end of your program, many students usually have enjoyed living in London and feel satisfied that they gained everything they wanted to.

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