7 Reasons for Arab Students to Study in the US



Like all ambitious students across the world, Arab students also wish to excel in their pursuit of education and careers. One of the best proponents of this is to opt for overseas education.

UAE is a good option for working opportunities but lags behind in the provision of education. Many universities in Dubai and other cities are of foreign origin only. They are branches of global universities with lesser resources and not much of competent professors. Education in UAE is quite expensive, whereas as international students, they would receive financial aid for university admission in abroad countries like the UK.

Also, there are minimal degrees for humanities and literature in universities across the Middle East. This all reflects how studying for Arab students is considerably overpriced yet qualitatively low. If international students wish to work and study simultaneously in Arab, the strenuous work environment poses a big difficulty in concentrating on studies.

After basic education, especially when moving into the postgraduate level, youngsters need to gain experience of independence. Hence, Arab students, choose to go abroad and avail in-depth facilities in Western universities. Another reason for getting university admission abroad is; Universities of Arab students are not recognized for rankings by Times Higher Education and regional rankings by QS.

Traveling to the USA for university admission could be beneficial in these following ways:

  • For overseas education, the USA is a good place that not only offers world-class education but also platforms for research. Degrees from the USA are respected by almost all the nations. Advanced education is provided in contrast to the education system of Arab regions. Qualifying postgraduate or bachelors from the US open worldwide avenues for international students.
  • If you are an Arab student of fields of the STEM category, then your study in the USA will be a great choice as it is a hub for careers in STEM.
  • Average tuition fees per year in the USA without financial aid is $60,000. Universities give scholarships and grants to students who fulfill their requirements. Financial aids are available for international students to make it affordable.
  • If you are comfortable in the English language, no major issues are faced in communication.
  • If you are wondering where these students would reside, there are multiple solutions for it too. For a living, America has a reputation for being a safe nation. As university accommodations have limited seats, International study homestay is a viable alternative for living in America. Once you open a bank account, the carrying out of financial transactions is smooth.
  • The social life is a mixed blend of multiple cultures due to different races integrated. Living in such a diverse country gives them exposure to grow and learn. This enhances their overall personality.
  • In the USA, international students who come for overseas education get exposed to increased social interaction, and peer networks are made from all over the world which provides the leading edge for growth in the future.

Definitely, a study in the USA could be the best move in the career for Arab students due to its brilliance in higher education and acceptance of their degrees all over the world.

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