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Pre-sessional courses are special courses and are similar to English for academic study of which emphasis on learning English for university admission.

Benefits of Pre-sessional English Course

Benefits of Pre-sessional English Course


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Pre-sessional courses are special courses which emphasize on learning English and study all conversational skills. These are specially designed for students who do not speak the language as their mother tongue.

Universities have a mandatory requirement of pre-sessional courses from their potential students before the main course. This design of the course focuses on preparing the students for demanding and strenuous teaching by highly experienced students. Else the teaching environment would turn out to be very draining for them.

Although, the main objective of a pre-sessional English course is to refine the English language and study skills of students for better academic performance. These are helpful in multiple aspects:

  • Linguistic Aspect: Pre-sessional English improves student's English for University.
  • Academic Aspect: It is obvious that the pre-sessional course fine-tunes the English for academic study.
  • Cultural Aspect: These courses orients the students, making them comfortable with the new University and new place.

The other key benefits of pre-sessional English are:

Fluency: There would be no language barrier in the communication either on-campus or off-campus as students get fluent in English through this course.

Writing skills: The writing of essays and other activities will bring a lot of improvement in the writing skills of the student. This will result in better academic writing which will bring in good grades.

Exhaustive Material: The students who enroll in the English language school receive plenty of resources along with access to the library to polish their English.

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The curriculum is set in accordance to:

  • The level of English that is required for the degree course student has opted for in the University
  • The current level of the English Language skill of the student

The duration of the pre-sessional course is set according to the entry requirements of the degree course and college you are going to.

Entry Requirements of some Universities:

1) University of Swansea - Swansea UK: This University offers three levels of pre-sessional courses for academic English.

  • Level 1- Students who have IELTS scores in between 5.0 to 6.0 exit.
  • Level 2 - For students who scored more than 5.5 entry.
  • Level 3 - For students who fulfilled IELTS requirements with a score of above 0.5 in writing.

2) University of Anglia Ruskin - East Anglia (Campuses in Chelmsford, Cambridge, and Peterborough): The University of Anglia Ruskin has a provision of pre-sessional English courses of two types.

  • 5-week courses for students who have their IELTS score in the range of 5.5 to 6.5
  • 20 weeks course who have obtained IELTS score ranging from 4.5 to 5.0.

3) Bangor University - North Wales, UK: The Bangor University requires a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS to get admission to their degree course. The kinds of pre-sessional English courses offered are:

  • 42- week course (Sept-Sept)
  • 30 weeks courses (Jan -Sept) and (Sept - June)
  • One or two-month courses

The duration, of course, depends upon the degree requirements and IELTS scores achieved by the students.

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