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According to a research of 7 industrialized nations, the health care system in the United Kingdom is known as one of the top and the most efficient around the globe particularly in terms of healthy lives, quality, equity, access to care as well as efficiency. Indeed, this is proof of how concerned the United Kingdom is when it comes to addressing healthcare issues for its people.

How to apply for the National Health Service?

Nationals from outside of the EU are required to secure a National Health Service number. For you to obtain the NHS number and the National Health Service card, you can visit the nearby local health care service center and from there ensure to fill out the form. Afterward, you will receive your card as well as a number through the post for a few days.

After that, you may start registering with a general practitioner surgery- this refers to the physician or GP you need to visit to acquire suitable treatments or prior to applying for an appointment to a specialist. You may look for a local GP surgery online.

Exploring health care service in the UK- who is covered?

When it comes to coverage, it is universal. This means that all people who are considered ordinarily residents in Britain are eligible for health care services. Such a health care system is almost free-of-charge at the point of use through the UK’s National Health Service. It is worth noting that only treatment for specific infectious diseases and emergency department are free to those who are recognized as ordinarily resident of England like illegal immigrants and visitors. The majority of private health care services primarily for some discretionary conditions is funded through what is referred to as supplementary private voluntary health insurance.

UK health care system is publicly financed and in general, it is paid for by taxation. Be that as it may, the United Kingdom also has a private healthcare sector wherein healthcare is primarily obtained through securing private health insurance. Note that this is commonly paid directly by a client or financed as part of an employer-financed healthcare strategy. Additionally, private healthcare has continued to operate and is paid for mostly by private insurance. Only a very small-scale sector is distributed through private medical insurance for international student firms as most health insurance products are largely distributed by National Health Service.

What about the medical insurance system for people with special needs?

In general, the National Health Service is provided to all UK permanent residents. Such a system provides special services for particular classes of people. For instance, for those with incurable or terminal illnesses, home nursing could be provided instead of the usual care or therapy provided by nursing homes or hospitals.

In the same way, the Department of Health of the British government asserted that its objective to enhance the quality of health care services provided to older citizens in the National Service Framework for the aged. And such objectives comprise of the following:

  • To significantly enhance the standards of care.
  • To extend access to various healthcare services.
  • To guarantee fairer financing of long-term care.
  • To develop services that are intended to fully support independence.
  • To gladly assist older people to stay healthy at all times.

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