Do I Need a Visa to Study in the UK?



If you are planning to pursue your studies in the United Kingdom, it is required for you to secure a visa so you can stay in the country for an extended period of time. In addition, England’s immigration requirements are established by the applicant’s country where he or she has citizenship in and also his or her nationality. Take note that all non-Swiss/EEA/EU nationals will be required to secure an authorization so they could possibly enter or stay in the United Kingdom for specific period of time.

What should you know when you plan to apply for UK visa?

If your main purpose in coming to UK is to study a program that is over a 6 month-period, it is necessary to secure a Tier 4 Visa in your country of origin prior traveling. Indeed, if you will be staying there for less than 6 months and do not have the intention to lengthen your studies or work in the United Kingdom, then you can request for a short-term student visa.

On the other hand, if you plan to study and English language course of up to eleven months in length, then you can enter the United Kingdom as a student who only stays there for a short-term; however, you won’t be allowed to extend your visa in UK. Likewise, if you prefer to venture in further studies in UK, you will need to go back to your country of origin so you can secure a new visa for UK.

What are the student visa requirements in UK?

Your course provider or British universities may be more than glad to assist you when it comes to applying for a UK visa at the time you have already been offered a place on the course- first, it is helpful to point out if this is the case for you. From there, it is possible for you to apply for the visa by up to 3 months in advance of the course’s start period. For you to learn more if you still have more time to catch the date, you can consider checking the visa processing times for your country.

Student UK visas are generally awarded on what is referred to as points-based system wherein it is necessary to satisfy all the student visa requirements such as: your most recent photo, details of your passport, evidence that you have funding assistance all through your stay in the United Kingdom, a proof of adequate English language skills (this can be certified by Passing one of the secure SELT tests. This is required for non-native speakers); an unconditional offer of a place on the course and this must be offered by a certified Tier 4 sponsor. Take into account that this must be evidenced by Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies form that originate from the university or course provider.

Applying to be a student abroad is challenging and requires lots of work and requirements to secure; the good news is that the agency at your university can help you with all the things that you will be asked of. For more information, you can check out the website of the UK Border Agency to guide you all through the visa for UK application process.


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