How Can I Work in the UK While Studying?



According to a 2015 study by Endsleigh, 77% of students in the UK also held part-time jobs. Whether it is to help fund their fees or to fund other expenses, it is all possible to study and work in the UK at the same time? But then, what are the requirements and rules of working in the United Kingdom? Below we have all the details you need to know including the UK visa you should apply for both job and study purposes.

Who can work and study?

Undergraduate level students with the appropriate UK visa are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester. During the holidays, however, there are no limitations on how long you can work, so long you have a legal job. There is a wide range of places you could get jobs UK, so you shouldn’t be worried about finding one. In cities like London, Manchester, and Glasgow, job opportunities for international students are even plenty and well-paying as well. Note, however, that you should take time and check if your college is in the list of official UKVI Sponsor list and the list of recognized bodies. That is because you can only work if your university is in either of those two lists.

Finding Part-time jobs

As already stated, there are thousands of job opportunities in the UK where students could work as they pursue their studies. Simply find online for job opportunities especially if you will be studying in a big city. If your university is located in smaller cities, make applications where you feel you can work. Having the additional income can greatly make things affordable. It also helps you learn new skills which could help you in the future.

Dealing with work Visas

You will probably need a UK visa to go and study at the UK universities. You will need another visa once you decide to remain in the UK and work. For fresh graduates, you will need a general visa to stay and work in the UK. If you are a fresh graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit, you could apply for a tier 1 visa. A tier 1 visa is more difficult to get, however, but it is also prestigious if you can find one. With the visa, you can easily live in the UK for ten or more years. There are other types of special visas for working students you should consider applying. A tier 4 visa for students would very much help a graduate student who wants to stay one more year in the UK. You will work in the UK with full rights and move back to your country at your own pace.

The Best ways to Study and Work

  • In the UK, the weather can be challenging. So, when are the best times to work and not affect your studies? Many international students prefer working during the weekends. However, you can always speak with your employer to get a flexible working schedule. That way to work in the UK and studying at the same time will be possible.

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