Top Universities for Distance Education in the UK



If you strongly desire to boost your work opportunities in the future, specialize yourself or significantly enhance your qualifications but you find it quite pricey to study in the top universities in UK, leave your current job in your country or be temporarily away from your loved ones, then you may consider enrolling yourself to distance learning. In point of fact, this is the perfect choice for those who have very hectic schedule and find it impossible to study abroad for the meantime.

Surely, there are a plenty of perks that international students may obtain from considering distance education university. The United Kingdom is renowned around the globe for its efficiency in providing the best possible education to students. Moreover, countless of students certainly dream about finishing their course in one of the most prestigious universities in UK- the opportunities that go with it are simply irresistible. At present, this dream is a lot effortless to achieve than you might imagine.

It is worth noting that distance education is the best solution to the rigid need for education of individuals who find it tough to commit to a traditional class setting. Luckily, there are a number of highly acclaimed distance education universities in the UK that could help you have an edge in your career.

There are various university admission schools that offer varies kinds of programmes that might be engrossing to international students, whether you are looking for short courses, Master and PhD or Bachelor degree, there will be a perfect option for you. Here are some of the UK universities that you can consider if you hope to pursue distance learning:

o The University of Manchester

It is known for being UK’s forward-thinking and popular university. It is highly recognized for research or studies that are strongly linked with public and industry services.

o Ashridge Business School

This school aims to assist students and organizations to become their best. It has acquired triple accreditation AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA- the American, European and UK accreditation bodies. It is worth mentioning that only a few schools get this kind of accreditation.

o University of Birmingham

This is the best option for students who are searching for a kind of university that is highly recognized for its distinguished academics as well as research-informed content. Students are guaranteed to be offered with online postgraduate courses in public services and business which are quite highly interactive and are intended to aid students globally to obtain valuable career skills and to be outstanding as high-achieving individuals in any field.

o School of Oriental and African Studies

It is the only higher education institution located in the United Kingdom that specializes in the study of Africa, Asia and the neighboring nations as well as Middle East. You can choose from its 51 distance education courses.

o University of Liverpool in cooperation with Laureate Online Education

This educational institution offers a total of 41 distance education courses from a broad field of disciplines that students can freely select from. According to Financial Times, this school is one of the best eLearning institutions globally.

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