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United Kingdom is known to be a renowned expat destination; however, the cost of living here differs hinging on the location as well as your current lifestyle. Generally, expats will find the main metropolitans like London as more costly while countryside towns and provinces are just practical locations to reside in and quite reasonable. Indeed, countless of people decide to move in the United Kingdom to look for a better quality of life and to seek greener pastures. Even though salaries tend to be comparatively above average, it is still a bit difficult to get by since living in this country is truly expensive.

For a fact, there are several ways to save while still enjoying UK life. For instance, most expats residing in UK will have access to UK healthcare and some could even be eligible to send their kids to various British state schools without fees. On the other hand, the cost of entertainment, accommodation and transport are quite pricey, but expats who are determined and patient to check out the living cost in the United Kingdom, can certainly find lots of discounts around. In fact if you are prudent enough then you will find Studying and Life in the United Kingdom to be pleasant enough

Cost of Accommodation in the UK

Some expats and students rent a room inside a bigger house. It is possible to rent a room for approximately 400 pounds monthly living in UK. Alternatively, another way to save on accommodation cost is through house-shares which are highly recognized as an excellent approach to meet other people.

In addition to this, take note that utility costs differ hinging on the size of the property. The average cost of electricity and water is roughly 140 pounds monthly. On the other hand, heating costs average approximately 80 pounds monthly, but this amount increases significantly at the period of winter especially in a breezy older property that does not have appropriate insulation.

Note that council tax is not included the price of renting UK property. This simply means that it is relatively founded on the value of the property and expats could expect to settle a minimum of 120 pounds monthly.

What should international students expect while studying and living in UK?

If you decide to reside in London, expect to pay much more than you would in other areas of the country. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the pricey cost if you try to compute for the best options when it comes to all aspects. It is a lot cheaper to reside in the northern part of England as compared in the south. Generally, the costs differ considerably over the entire England which makes it complex to accurately set a living cost in stone.

What about travel or transportation expenses?

A lot of people in England will purchase passes instead of buying their own car. Actually, it makes the commute a lot faster and you could travel much farther without spending much. The average cost of monthly pass for most services cost 55 pounds, but it is possible for students to get some discounts. To learn more about this, you can refer to the International Staff website and from there you can discover various resources that are ready for use for every type of public transportation that you can utilize in England.

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