7 Reasons Arab Students Should Study in the UK



Each year around 600,000 international students come to the UK to study. Why? Let’s analyze the factors contributing to this influx and provide an overview as to why the UK is a leading destination for university admission of Arab students:

  • World-class Education: Qualifying bachelor's or postgraduate from the UK opens worldwide avenues for students because of the reputation of having the top universities in the world providing in-depth facilities of education. The faculties at UK universities are competent and highly qualified. The UK is also ranked 3rd in the top 10 by Times higher education world rankings.

  • Cost-effectiveness: The tuition fees of UK universities are lower compared to other universities. Also, you can receive scholarships and tuition waiver fees on university admission if you have a good profile with high merits.
    There are private or government scholarships and maintenance loans available in Britain. The undergraduate courses at UK universities run for 3 years as compared to four-year bachelors in the USA or other countries. As the academic term is comparatively shorter, the cost of studying and living is reduced.
  • Student accommodation: Now the question arises, where would the Arab students reside when staying in the UK for their courses? The options available are university accommodation, host family, shared accommodation, and international student homestay.
    As the seats at university accommodation are limited in number, international student homestay is the next viable alternative. The biggest pros of international student homestay are security, affordability, and homely vibes. It feels like a home away from home as it is family-oriented and students get to meet a lot of people there.
  • Easy communication and understanding of curriculum: English is a basic spoken language in the UK. The courses in UK universities are also delivered in English. If you are comfortable in the English language, you would face no major issues in communication or dealing with the study curriculum. English is taught at the Arabic schooling level, so language is not a major barrier. There is Arabic or its dialects speaking masses too in Britain.
  • Diversity: Britain houses people from more than 100 nationalities. This multicultural environment makes life in the UK easier and qualitative. Social links across the world can be made while getting overseas education in the UK which proves to be advantageous in the long-term horizon.
    The social life is a mixed blend of multiple cultures due to different races integrated. Living in such a diverse country gives Arab students exposure to grow and learn. This enhances their overall personality.
  • Safety and living: the UK has quite a safe environment which also implies laws and orders strictly and needs to be followed. The population of Britain is mostly anti-racist. This makes the UK is a cosmopolitan country with an exciting life to offer.
  • Job Scope: After graduating or getting masters from the UK, students get handsome paying jobs. They are welcomed in the global market which is otherwise full of stiff competition. Not only degrees from the UK enhance the selling point for work opportunities further but also there are numerous part-time jobs offered to international students. These jobs on a part-time basis aid students to fund their expenditure related to overseas education.

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