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The United Kingdom is always on top when it comes to the best countries where to pursue one’s education. In point of fact, many international students around the world dream of being admitted in any of the top universities located here since they are highly recognized anywhere you go in the world. There are lots of educational institutions in UK that you can start making your dream come true. If you are wondering where to go, then, check out the list below:

a) University of Oxford

This is one of the oldest yet considered as one of the best universities in the world. This is perhaps the reason why this university attracts a great number of students and scholars. However, admission and entry standards are quite rigid and competitive. Typically, for each available place, the school only receives roughly 5 applications. There are plenty of courses that you can check out.

b) University of Cambridge

This university is deemed as one of the most highly distinguished and oldest educational institutions in the world. It is located just an hour drive from London. Almost 18,000 students are enrolled here and the school employs roughly 9,000 staff. In the same way, it has over a hundred academic departments. This university is highly recognized for educating a few of the most well-known British scientist in the history and is particularly specializing in math. University admission here is absolutely tough, competitive and stringent

c) Imperial College London

This is ranked as one of the highly respected universities in UK particularly in the field of engineering, science, business, technology, business as well as medicine. This university was established in the year 1907. It is a home to 15, 200 students and is currently employing a total of 8,000 employees and staff. Students here come from roughly 125 nationalities. Many policymakers and government advisers obtained their education here. It is located neighboring Kensington place.

d) University College London

This is known for being the very first university in England to allow the entry of students who come from different religion, race or class. In the same way, it was only the first university that admitted women perceived as equal to men. This form of admission employed by the school adhered to the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham who is well-known for being the spiritual founder of the university. It is located in central London. It is highly recognized for producing some of the serviceable graduates.

e) London School of Economics and Political Science

As compared to other UK universities, this university has 70% international students. It specializes in politics, philosophy, history, economics and law. For a fact, 26% of all economics Nobel prizes were awarded to affiliates and alumni of this school. It is based in Clare Market area which is nearby the British Museum, Royal Courts of Justice, Royal College of Surgeons and Lincoln’s Inn.

The universities in this list are not only popular in the United Kingdom but are also very popular around the world for their academic excellence. More than that, these are only a few of the top universities where distinguished personalities in UK and around the globe were educated.

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