Important Steps to Get a Student visa to the UK



After ‘Brexit’ mid last year, there has been confusion among people seeking student visas to the UK. Thankfully, the UK government already clarified the matter and UK Visa rules are not likely to change in the near future. As a result, your dreams of studying at a world-class British university are still valid. You only need to make up your mind and follow the following guide to get a student visa.

The UK offers two main types of student visas-short term and long term visas. The short term UK Visa is customarily offered to people aged 18 years and over who would like to pursue a short term course in the UK. The short term UK Visa is valid for six months only but can be extended for an extra five months if your course needs more time to complete.

Long term UK Visa, on the other hand, is offered depending on your age. Students aged between 4 years and 17 years can apply what is known as a ‘tier 4 child-student visa. Adults or anyone aged 16 years and above is eligible for a ‘tier 4 general student visa to the UK.

    Start the application Process Early

    Before you apply for UK visa, consult with the college you intend to study at if they can help you get a visa. Many colleges and schools in the UK have traditionally helped foreign students get their student visas with ease. However, if you have to make the application on your own; start the process early. In some countries, the visa application process to the UK takes a while to get processed. High competition for visas can also hinder you from getting the opportunity of your lifetime to study in the UK if you don’t apply for the UK Visa early. Fortunately, applications to acquire visas to the UK are usually open up to three months prior to the beginning of the semester.

    Basic Compulsory Requirements

    The visa 4 UK is applied on a point-based system. While this promotes fairness in the process, it also makes it difficult to clinch the visa. In order to be among those who qualify, however, prepare the following:

    • A recent digital photograph
    • Your passport details
    • Your ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies Form’ from a licensed tier for college or school.
    • Proof that you can speak and write in English language-often demonstrated by passing an English language test.
    • Your proof of financial support throughout your stay in the UK-usually in the form of a letter from your parents, guardians, or sponsors. It can also be in the form of your bank statement.

    Additional Requirements

    Depending on where you come from, your age, and your health status, you can be asked to produce the following.

    • If you are not yet 18 and you are applying for a tier 4 general visa to the UK, you will need a letter from your parent (s) or guardians consenting that you can live on your own.

    In conclusion, the visa to the UK for students is applied online. It is not impossible to get, but you need to follow all steps to acquire one.


    The above content is subject to continuous updates. You can always contact us for the new updates available.

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