7 Tips for Students before Travelling To UK



Introduction to life in the UK:

The UK has a very diverse population; always welcoming people from other countries. As it serves home to such a variety of cultures and people, it’s one of the most tolerant societies. In Britain, it’s illegal to discriminate against people because of their complexion, gender or sexuality. But Britain is a relatively small country so travelling is easy. Food and everyday expenses are quite cheap and great too. If you are opting for a University admission there then keep these 7 things in mind:

  • Student accommodation: The first place to look in for this is your university. They often have guides as well as contacts with agencies who can advise you on this. Some options are International student homestay and hostels.
  • Bank accounts: If you are going to stay for more than a few months then you should open an account in the UK so as to pay your bills and save money.
  • Cell phone: If you are from Japan or North/South America then it’s likely that your phone may not work there. If such case stands true for you then just exchange it for money to buy a new phone.
  • Transport: Ways to transport are many but if you are travelling locally then you should get a student bus pass.
  • Tailored degree: The top universities in the UK give you the amazing option to tailor your degree by letting you combine courses and subjects from different areas.
  • Language: Majority of people speak fluent English but not everyone. They have different languages too.
  • Varied accents: No, British aren’t the only accent. It has loads more.

Study in Britain:

The UK universities attract over 6, 00,000 international students each year for courses from English to PhD courses as it’s the home of some top universities in the world as well as of UK, some of which are:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London
  • London School of Economics & Political Science

All these universities are prestigious and offer unbiased results. UK education system is different than any other board as it offers a world-renowned overseas education system with qualifications that can make a huge difference in your career. Universities and colleges here combine practical and seminars to push students into creating innovative methods of their own to learn and this is what makes them among the top universities in the world. They also have a lot of courses, starting from computer game development to psychology; you are given free rein to choose your own path. To combine this, they have brilliant facilities for international students such as a homestay or a hostel.

Travelling to the UK:

Buckingham Palace, Manchester United, The Beatles, Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral, and Britain does icons like no other place. Travelling here is a fascinating mixture of iconic names and yet-to-be unravelled gems. Cutting-edge clubs, countryside resorts, sites of King Arthur, world-famous theatres and museums will give you memories to last a lifetime. A journey through the UK is a journey through history as it has a lot of history. The options, the experience is limitless.

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