Top 5 universities in Scotland



Scotland can't be missed in your university selection. In fact, it can be easily affordable than the rest of the UK for students who have Scottish residency. Scotland is a great place to live in and its universities are considered as top quality education institutions. The top 5 universities in Scotland are the University of St Andrews, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Heriot-Watt University and the University of Dundee.

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews has scored high on the list of top Scottish universities on numerous measures. This university exists since the time league tables were figured online. In the current year, the university is running much faster than other universities. Moreover, the university is listed in the 3rd position overall in the United Kingdom. It has hit high ratings in terms of Student-Staff Ratio, student satisfaction factor, academic services and much more facilities. It is built among the beautiful background of 'Fife' coast.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is ranked 23rd in the UK and 2nd in Scotland. The university’s academic profile includes 20 top listed subjects. Moreover, the university has gained the highest research quality score of Scotland. Nearly for more than 400 years, the university has been associated with scientists, politicians, and philosophers who contribute a lot to modernization. The huge recognition of the university as a result of a variety of factors like academic services, student enrichment, student satisfaction and much more.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is not slow in the race of top listed universities. Currently, the university has achieved its position much higher than ever before in Scotland. In addition, the university includes 21 top 10 subjects which make it more recognized and capture the rank of 2nd best in the UK. The university came into existence in 1451.

The Heriot-Watt University

The Heriot-Watt University has achieved 4th place in the best universities in Scotland. Moreover, the university has entered the UK top 10 because of its facilities. The university campus is also located in Dubai and Malaysia. The university has built up 3 UK campuses in Edinburgh, the Scottish borders, and Orkney. The university provides international students truly global education. Students residing near Edinburgh have fun while visiting one of Scotland's most historical cities. In fact, they get to cheer in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is ranked 5th among the best universities in Scotland. The university offers 6 subjects getting top 10 scores. The most important feature that the university achieves is student satisfaction. Many international students recommend this university because of its numerous features.

Why study in Scotland?

When selecting universities to study abroad, students choose Scotland as it has some of the best universities around the globe. In the UK, Scotland provides world-class universities and education system. In fact, five universities in Scotland are among the Times Higher Education Top 200. Education from Scotland helps international students get great prospects for employment. Scottish students are more preferred by employers. Scotland is one of the fabulous locations to study abroad. It is one of the highest educational countries in the UK.

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