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Physiotherapy is concerned with maximizing physical potential and it works on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. It utilizes physical approaches to retain and repair physical and psychological well-being and is perfect for anyone who has always dreamed of helping people with a disability or disease. A physiotherapist is not just a healer but an educator at the same time because he has to teach the patient how to actively participate in his own healing. However, before having a lucrative career as a physiotherapist in the U.S., you should study physiotherapy to train yourself for a challenging yet rewarding future. The first step is to know how to become an outstanding physiotherapist. These are the Universities in the U.S. that you should study physiotherapy in.

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  1. The University of Southern California

This University offers an entire 115-unit physiotherapy course if you want to study physiotherapy. The program is comprised of six semesters and two summer courses. The university has also made it mandatory as part of their syllabus to get clinical experience during your studies. When you’re done with the three-year course along with the required clinical experience, the school grants you a D.P.T., the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required in all of the courses to complete your studies. The University also requires the students to meet all the professional standards and to qualify all the clinical clerkships.

  1. The University of Pittsburgh

The prestige of the University of Pittsburgh physiotherapy course beats the value of the same course in every other University if your dream is to study physiotherapy. It offers a full-time program and you’ll get your D.P.T. degree within three years, i.e., nine semesters. In your last year, every student has to do a one-year internship in a clinic to get their degree.

  1. Washington University in St. Louis

The Physical Therapy Program that Washington University offers is again a full-time, three-year program. What makes it stand out is that it merges the classroom and clinical learning to train you for professional leadership. The faculty here is well known for its expertise in neuromuscular, orthopedic conditions and movement impairment categorization. This Program has molded students fully equipped to treat and diagnose the patients’ movement impairments since 1942. It is created for International students as well who wish to study abroad.

  1. University of Delaware

The DPT Program offered by the University of Delaware is one of the largest physiotherapy courses in the College of Health Sciences. It is a university-based broad physical therapist educational program. The syllabus is designed to build up learning skills among the students and helps them pioneer in their individual careers. The program also often utilizes reputed experts as instructors so students can link between clinical research and practice. The US News and World Report ranked the DPT degree program as one of the best universities in the USA.

  1. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa has a Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science that offers a unique learning experience. The program under the department offers appropriate resources such that the students can synchronize the task of brilliance in research, clinical service as well as teaching all at once. The department is situated in the Carver College of Medicine, and it offers degrees like MA, DPT as well as Ph.D. The DPT is a professional clinical entry-level program that admits approximately 40 students on a yearly basis in the month of July. It is very popular among the universities in the USA belonging to the same niche. The program is two and a half year course and the curriculum includes 35 weeks of full-time clinical education experience as well, apart from academics. If the students complete the curriculum in a satisfactory manner, they will qualify to participate in a state-administered national licensing examination.

So, these are the top universities in the USA from where you can study physiotherapy. Go through the course content for each of them for a broader understanding. Fulfill your dream of completing a study abroad! All the best!

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