What is a Pathway Program?

A Pathway Program is primarily a foundation year course that helps students, generally international students, progress into entering universities. In a Pathway Program, the students are supposed to learn and work on their second language, English and/or academic courses.

Students can accumulate credits that will support them in getting into Universities for Bachelor’s degree. Students holding a Bachelor’s degree can work on earning credits for their Masters.

Universities offering the foundation program in the USA.

The best universities in USA in various academic courses and foundation degrees are ranging from Princeton, Harvard and Columbia University excelling in the study as well as research areas. But these universities demanding high entry requirements which make the opportunity to enter other universities higher for most international students in the USA. Here are some of the institutions offering the foundation degree:

INTO Oregon State University

INTO in partnership with Oregon State University is professionally known for providing the best foundation program and degree programs in Computer Science, Public Health, Psychology, Family Development, and Related Studies, etc. The university offers admission to undergraduate or graduate studies for international students to their desired courses after clearing the University’s pathway program which combines OSU’s courses along with English language skills. The program is chiefly intended for students with a low GPA resulting in a difficult direct entry, aiding them with guaranteed graduate programs.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is mainly a research university also offering the best courses in Business, Marketing, etc. The foundation course here comes with English vocabulary and skills along with the academic courses after which the students with a certain GPA will be granted graduate programs or allowed to transfer their credits into other universities.

Auburn University

Auburn University offers best majors in Business, Marketing, Engineering etc, along with extended foundation programs. The University provides a simplified application system along with various kinds of support, events, and events for the selected students and directs them by analyzing their skills and English language proficiency.

INTO Colorado State University

INTO in partnership with Colorado State University offers academic courses for students unable to meet the English language requirements for the Pathway Program and once that is cleared provides them with a broad variety of foundation courses from Agricultural Sciences, Dance, Business to Sciences and Mathematics.

Requirements for foundation courses for International students in the USA

The fundamental requirements are not much complicated as compared to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

  • Academic Requirements
  • Language Proficiency
  • English Language
  • IELTS min. Score – 4.5
  • TOEFL iBT 60 minimums.

Foundation Programs for specific areas of study such as:


INTO Oregon State University offers a proper Pathway course for students with minimum English proficiency, academic requirements and GPA with segmented and systematic course structure.


The benefit of the Pathway Program in Management courses is zero requirements for SAT or ACT. The course involves Marketing, Accounting, Finance etc, which is the requirement for universities in USA and also issues credits. A prominent university is the University of Massachusetts Boston.


When it comes to law, INTO Suffolk University provides graduate pathway courses for the same with minimum academic and English language requirements.


The Pathway courses in USA for sciences guides into a variety of subjects like biology, mathematics, computer science, physics etc, along with credits to enter an established university. INTO Drew University offers considerable foundation courses in Sciences.

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