Features of Studying Interior Design in the USA




Interior designing is the process of decorating the interior of a building. In other words, the art of aesthetically developing the interior of a building for a pleasant environment is known as interior designing. Apart from designing the space, an interior designer has to coordinates, plan, and research and manage the projects. Hence, the interior design jobs are a versatile profession which is inclusive of programming, research, site inspections, conceptual development, space arrangement, construction management and implementation of the design. There is a wide scope for the profession with the advent of commercial interior designing and management.

Advantages of Studying Interior Discipline

Interior decoration or design as a profession is of huge significance due to its growing demand, and due to the utility of creativity. Moreover, bringing your creativity into vision is an absolute delight and gives great job satisfaction. The interior design jobs are also financially rewarding as well as a flexible profession. The work life of the interior designer will not be hectic and will always remain interesting and dynamic. You can also opt to be self-employed in any of the interior design jobs.

Job Opportunities for Students Who Study This Discipline

Mainly there are three types of interior decoration jobs, including Interior Design Assistant, a Senior Interior Designer and finally the Project Manager.

Universities in USA That Teach Interior Decoration and Design Discipline and Partner With INTO

  1. INTO - Colorado State University

The M.S. in design and Merchandising, Interior Design Specialization at the Colorado State University includes Commercial design, Creativity, Cultural or Global Design, Sense of place and sense of self, sustainable design and universal design. Their programme can change your career and they are one of the best universities in USA for this.

  1. INTO - Drew University

This University in USA has nothing but the best to offer and as long as you meet the requirements of fluent English and other academic pre-requisites, you could easily enroll in the Interior Design Programme that it has to offer. It has been ranked as among the top 20% of the schools in US.

  1. INTO - George Mason university

This is the best option for you if you are looking for an easy all-time access to the best cultural, career and research opportunities in the United States in the field of Interior Designing. Apart from providing a hands-on experience inside as well as outside the classroom, you have the added benefit of having Washington C.C just in your backyard.

  1. INTO - Illinois State University

The duration of the course is half an hour, i.e., 6 months, and the best thing about this university is that you can apply at any time of the year; there is no deadline. The tuition fee is 13,351 EUR per year.

  1. INTO - Marshall University

What students mostly want it to live in one of the best communities in America and have a prosperous education at the same time. This University makes your dream come true, if you were searching for one of these as well. There are people from over 60 countries in this place and was named the Best University in West Virginia in 2018.

  1. INTO - Oregon State University

Oregon University has been known for its research-intensive approach to education, which is why around 4000 students from other countries migrate all the way till here for their higher studies. This would be a great choice if you want to pursue the Interior Design course from the US.

  1. INTO - Saint Louis University

This is one of the most established universities of all time in the US. It has been here since the past 200 years and is still as flourishing as ever before. It has campuses in both US and Spain, and the St. Louis University is known for the quality education that they provide to its students.

  1. INTO - Suffolk University

The duration of the course of interior design is one year in this university. The tuition fee amounts to 26, 345 EUR per year. You will get to study from Boston’s top artists and designers. This will help you get more professional contacts as well.

  1. INTO - The University of Alabama at Birmingham

A university without walls, the diverse campus, and world-class research will make you stand out. This is a great place to earn your degree and to pursue our career.

  1. INTO - University of South Florida

This course is divided into 1 to 2 semesters. The course starts by January and August of every year. The fees will be around $17,830 per semester. The requirements needed to qualify for this course is a 4-year undergraduate degree in Education. There should be an equivalent of 2.5 GPA out of 4.0 and this is one of the cream universities in USA.

  1. INTO - Washington State University

Once you get your Graduate Pathway in Interior Design and meet the requirements for graduate admission of the university. This would amount to progression; the transition from an INTO programme to a university degree programme.

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