All You Need To Know About Internet and Communication Services in USA



Introduction to life in the United States

It’s quite difficult to explain what life in the USA means to people as its personal and varied. One thing everyone would agree with is that America doesn’t feel much far-away from home; it has accepted a part of all cultures so it’s easy for you to find a part similar to your country and settle there. The shopkeepers, vendors or people, in general, are quite friendly & well-mannered so you don’t have to hesitate before approaching someone for help. Remember they speak softly and in low voices, so you should do the same. Being the birthplace of cities like LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and New York, America unfurls in all its surprising varieties; music scene of Austin, charms of Savannah, the conscience of Portland and French Quarters of New Orleans.

Advantages international students receive from public communication services:

Access to the internet in America can be divided into two:

  • Dial-up access
  • Broadband access

Most people used dial-up access around the start of the 21st century. In the following years, broadband access gained popularity. However, both connections use a modem which converts digital data into analog signals for transmission over an analog network. USA internet speed through dial-up connections doesn’t exceed the speed limit of 56kbit/s as they are made by a 56k modem. The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines broadband as any connection with a speed limit of at least 25 Mbit/s and an upload speed of at least 3 Mbit/s though they have used a slower speed in the past.

With the increased demand for technology in the education system, universities provide internet facilities with the best USA internet speed. To enhance the learning of students, the government usually offers the best internet in USA in the university campuses. Some universities even have free Wi-Fi in their campuses for students whereas other institutes join in with regional network agencies which are operated by the state, to get internet services. The network of these is often low-cost to the institutes.

People here prefer to maintain physical distance even from close friends so instead of greeting them with a hug, greet them with a polite handshake or smile. The people also prefer a straightforward approach than pointless formalities. So if you need help in anything, be it asking someone for direction or calling a cab, just approach directly with a “Hey, I need your help”.

Experience of traveling to America:

The USA is a country of highway roads and open skies stretched to the horizon. The Great Plains, rainforests of Pacific Northwest, sultry Swamplands of South and blue highways are no less than a fairyland. Sizzling barbeques from Texas street vendors, champagne & oysters from the California wine bars, bagels & other breakfasts at Manhattan and steaming plates of lobsters from a Maine Pier are just a few ways to eat in the States. Yes, it still has a hundred more ways! If you want to study in USA, don’t think further!


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