Is Studying in the UK Worthy?

Is Studying in the UK Worthy?


Each year the UK sees more than 600,000 students descending there from all parts of the world with the aim of successfully completing their world-class degrees which have been known for their high acceptance rates. The UK is ranked 3rd in top 10 by Times, Higher education world rankings. It has the highest ratings in student satisfaction. In this plethora of students from various backgrounds, around 10% of Arabic students are also present.

UK universities work on providing more English courses and curtailing the costs of education. A major chunk of universities in the Arab region is actually foreign branches of global universities. Lack of qualified professors at these universities is the primary reason for the migration of Arab students to the UK. The cost of education there, especially for postgraduate courses is exorbitant. Therefore the UK is a good option as it houses the top universities in the world. Qualifying from these is the biggest advantage in respect of selling point of view. Britain has a leading reputation owing to its world-class education, convenient accessibility, and great value for international students.

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Britain is a preferred destination for overseas education not only because of quality of education but also the quality of life.

  • As compared to other countries like the USA, the fees of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are relatively lower.
  • To make staying and studying in Britain more affordable, many financial aids are available. If students have good merits, tuition waivers and scholarships are provided upon university admission.
  • The social life in the UK is interactive and rich as the environment is multi-cultured with nationalities more than 100 in number. This helps Arab students gain exposure to learn and grow. UK universities are mini globes in themselves with international students from numerous nationalities.
  • The UK is a quite safe country and that also stresses on the laws to be followed indiscriminately.

There are various options available for student accommodation in Britain:

  1. University Accommodation: Mostly all the universities provide the facility of accommodation though with limited seats only.
  2. Host family: Some students opt to take a room in any house of a family on an individual or sharing basis.
  3. International student homestay: This is not only a cost-effective alternative but also offers you a home away from home.
  4. Shared accommodation: Shared accommodations can be availed with rent starting from lowest of 10 GBP per week and at zero service cost. In such a case, not only housing expenses but expenses related to traveling, groceries, and others are reduced too.
  • The scope of education in Britain doesn't end at acquiring the degree; there are adequate working opportunities further. There are part-time job options for students, useful for their financial independence.
  • The diversity of the population lets international students relish different kinds of cuisines offered at various price ranges which are most affordable.
  • Exploring the UK is convenient as commuting is economical in public transport like tubes, buses, and transport links. There are many attractive places including galleries and museums. Britain is also famous for its amazing nightlife.

In short, Arab students opt for overseas education in Britain as they can develop both professionally and personally. Studying in the UK is definitely worthy.

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